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Founded in Atlanta in 1980, Corporate Sports Unlimited redefines excellence in service for both the Health and Wellness industry and the Special Event industry. Our two divisions, Corporate Health Unlimited and Corporate Events Unlimited, are constantly growing and evolving to bring you the high level of excellence your company deserves. Please click above to learn more about Corporate Health Unlimited and Corporate Events Unlimited.

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Corporate Sports Unlimited has served the Atlanta Metro Area and beyond for over 40 years. Through Corporate Health Unlimited, our fitness centers and wellness programs are known as the finest in the industry. Corporate Events Unlimited, our corporate events and team-building division, produces events of all types and sizes and are expertly planned to the last detail. Our excellence has been recognized by The Wall Street Journal, Fortune Magazine, and countless trade publications. Our companies are distinguished by our total service.

Please give us a call at 770-432-0100 so we can share with you how we can work with your business to promote employee/tenant/organization wellness, satisfaction, and fun!