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Creativity runs high at CSU. We’ve created unique and innovative programs to engage all current and prospective members, in order to encourage maximum use of your facilities and keep members excited about making positive, healthy improvements in their lives. One of the biggest challenges facing the health and wellness industry today is reaching the population that needs its services the most. That’s where CSU’s Health & Wellness Programming comes into play. Our goal is to break down the barriers of the fitness center walls to reach your eligible population.

We take a proactive results-driven approach to tackling health and wellness issues, by teaching, encouraging and empowering people. The success of our programs is based on accountability, realistic goals and expectations, measurability, feedback, and continued education. We give every participant the tools, knowledge and motivation to create healthy habits for a positive lifestyle change.

Our offerings include the following:

Fitness & Wellness Programming

Successful programming goes beyond changing numbers – it’s about changing lives. CSU programs are carefully designed to empower people to create positive changes that allow them to create and sustain healthy lifestyles.



Where Will Your Fitness Take You?

Created and produced exclusively by CSU, FitTrip is a unique, 12-week transformation program. The focus is on positive lifestyle changes that yield results. FitTrip changes attitudes, habits and lives by empowering participants to create and sustain healthy lifestyles. The far-reaching benefits extend not only to each person, but others in their lives, their work and ultimately their career. 

Group Fitness Classes

We’ve been in the industry long enough to realize the value of first-class group fitness. Our wide variety of diverse and innovative classes keep members engaged and coming back for more. From the standard body sculpting, spinning, and cardio classes, to more specialized BodyPump, Bosu, and Pilates, all group fitness classes are taught by certified professionals.

Personal Training

We also offer personal training services to meet the demands of your members. Our Personal Trainers are certified fitness experts with national certifications and specialty training. They are focused on helping clients achieve their personal fitness, weight and lifestyle goals.

Health Education & Seminars

We offer health fairs and “lunch-and-learn” sessions to keep your members armed with the knowledge they need to make healthy lifestyle-choice improvements.

Testing, Evaluation, Orientation

Each member, when they join, completes a detailed fitness evaluation to determine an appropriate level of programming. Our thorough, careful approach includes (but is certainly not limited to) health history questionnaires, heart rate and blood pressure readings, as well as an in-depth fitness evaluation that measures cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, endurance, flexibility and body composition.

Massage Services

CSU’s wellness experience includes certified massage therapy services to complement any facility.

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