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Corporate Sports Unlimited, Inc. has extensive experience. We specialize in all aspects of corporate wellness, from facility operations at hotels, universities, corporations, spas and resorts to worksite wellness programs, wellness consulting and customizable FitTrip™ program offerings. We employ a hands-on management approach to ensure every facility and service we operate meets our first-in-class standards.

Our turn-key management offerings include the following:

Professional Staffing

Our health and fitness professionals are improvement-management experts. Our team of more than 300 health professionals is committed to improving the health and productivity of your most valued asset – your employees. We recruit, hire, train, and retain individuals with the experience, knowledge, commitment, and passion for helping others succeed.


From on-site day-to-day operations, to accounting, financial planning and future expansion, Corporate Sports Unlimited, Inc. takes care of every detail. An on-site general manager is empowered to take care of the immediate daily operations, while the CSU home office staff provides consistent and continuous supervision, administrative and accounting support. We operate efficiently, effectively, and within budget—taking care of your people as if they were our own.


CSU will develop on your behalf a detailed marketing plan, outlining how to successfully promote and market your facility.


CSU provides extensive monthly reporting to our clients, which outlines all facets of your health and wellness programming.

Group Fitness Classes

We’ve been in the industry long enough to realize the value of first-class group fitness. Our wide variety of diverse and innovative classes keep members engaged and coming back for more. From the standard body sculpting, spinning, and cardio classes, to more specialized BodyPump, Bosu, and Pilates, all group fitness classes are taught by certified professionals.

Personal Training

We also offer personal training services to meet the demands of your members. Our Personal Trainers are certified fitness experts with national certifications and specialty training. They are focused on helping clients achieve their personal fitness, weight and lifestyle goals.

Health Education & Seminars

We offer health fairs and “lunch-and-learn” sessions to keep your members armed with the knowledge they need to make healthy lifestyle-choice improvements.

Testing, Evaluation, Orientation

Each member, when they join, completes a detailed fitness evaluation to determine an appropriate level of programming. Our thorough, careful approach includes (but is certainly not limited to) health history questionnaires, heart rate and blood pressure readings, as well as an in-depth fitness evaluation that measures cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, endurance, flexibility and body composition.

Massage Services

CSU’s wellness experience includes certified massage therapy services to complement any facility.

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